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Wanted you to know that I just booked tickets with Webtickets!
My hat, what an AWESOME, TROUBLE FREE, EASY, USER FRIENDLY experience. You guys ROCK!!!!


I just wanted to say that my first experience using webtickets has been amazing!! I wish that more companies and events would use you.

Such a simple process – thanks a million!


Music promotors & event organisers need to get with the program and switch to webtickets. SO much better booking experience!


Just a quick note to thank you guys for the prompt service I received, and on a Sunday nogal.

Its fantastic to find service providers that have customers' best interests at heart! Thanks again.

Congratulations this is the best website I have ever been on! Clean, clear and so easy to book tickets.

I would just like to say, what a pleasure it was to book my tickets to go see Bloc Party In the City.

Having been accustomed to the incredibly bad service from one of your competitors ( their slogan should read “the Wicked you can’t trust”), it was really refreshing to go onto your website, that is much easier to use, and does not involve a tedious long process to obtain a booking.

Thank you, and please keep it up!